of the chaotic energy and spirits

Ayaka Hata is a painter who visualizes the chaotic energy and spirits that float around her and the world. She often uses lots of bright colors and detailed geometric patterns to express various events or feelings that she has experienced. The audience might experience their own unique emotional travel through her artworks.

Born and raised in Japan, Ayaka had struggled with adjusting herself to the Japanese school system and society. Drawing and watching movies were the only getaways from reality.

Her life completely changed when she started learning filmmaking in California. She found a strong passion for set designs for movies. She has worked for various short films and web series as a production designer/set designer. After two years of studying and working in Bay Area, she moved to Kyoto, Japan, and worked as a stage builder at a well-known comedy theater. Although she found a comfortable place in Japan for the first time, her adventurous spirit for challenge did not let her stay.

She moved to Berlin, Germany, and started a career as a painter. During two years of stay, she got many opportunities to exhibit in the city, and also live painted at some festivals. She worked as a set designer for some projects as well.

Due to the COVID situation, she came back to Japan again in 2021 and is now located in Osaka, and she has been painting and working as a member of TEAM WAKUWAKU on the side where she is in charge of creating set designs and props.

From her experiences, her mission is to tell people, especially in Japan, that this world is broad, and everyone is different. Don't set a limit for yourself.


​チームわくわく展vol.1 @Tish Be / Tokyo / 9. 2021

Window Duo Exhibition/ Leipzig / 1. 2021

Window Solo Exhibition "HOME" / Leipzig / 11. 2020

Mural Painting @Das Japanische Haus / Leipzig / 10. 2020

Live Painting @Recycled Creativity Festival / Berlin / 9. 2020

Live Painting @Sommer Fest / Leipzig / 8. 2020

Group Exhibition @KÜNSTLER-BÜHNE / Berlin / 2. 2020

Live Painting @Recycled Creativity Festival / Berlin / 9. 2019

Duo Exhibition & Live Painting @ZOULA / Berlin / 9.2019

Group Exhibition @CRA49 / Berlin / 8. 2019

Live painting @ Waves&Frequencies Festival / Berlin / 8. 2019

Solo exhibition "Spread Wings" @Apartment A / Berlin / 7. 2019

Live Painting @ ZUCKER festival / Berlin / 7. 2019


Planet of Mirrorbowler @心斎橋PARCO / Osaka / 12.2021~2.2022 (TEAM WAKUWAKU)

チームわくわく展vol.1 @Tish Be / Tokyo / 9. 2021 (TEAM WAKUWAKU)

MV Cloudy June "Somewhere in Between Us" / Berlin / 11. 2019 (Set Designer)

Performance, Takeshi Ohashi "TWOMAN" / Berlin / 10. 2019 (Stage Designer)

Web series "Flatmates" / Berlin / 4. 2019 (Prop Master)

Short Film "Maelstrom" / San Francisco / 6. 2017 (Art Director)

Short Film"Fowl Fright" / San Jose / 5. 2017 (Set Designer)

Web series "Synesthesia" / San Jose / 4. 2017 (Production Designer)

Short Film "Call Me Soldier" / San Jose / 12. 2016 (Set Designer)

Short Film "Trifles" / San Jose / 11. 2016 (Art Director)